What is peach fuzz? 

Peach fuzz is the thin baby hair that grows on your face. You can see tiny hair on your cheeks, chin and upper lip. That’s peach fuzz. It generally does not have a lot of volume or thickness. But it also totally depends on person to person. Some people might have thicker growth depending on their age, hormones, and hair growth rate.

These tiny hair act as a protective barrier, helping to trap dirt and dust particles before they can make their way into your pores. 

So, while we're all for removing peach fuzz for a smoother complexion, let's take a look at what these baby hair can do for us.


  1. Dust and Dirt Defense: Peach fuzz acts as a natural filter, helping to trap dust and dirt particles from the air. This prevents these unwanted guests from settling on your skin and potentially clogging your pores.
  2. Sun Shield: Believe it or not, those tiny hairs provide a smidgen of sun protection. While it's not a substitute for sunscreen, peach fuzz can offer a bit of shade to your skin, helping to minimize sun exposure.
  3. Reduced Friction: Peach fuzz can help reduce friction between your skin and the elements. This means less rubbing and irritation when your skin comes into contact with clothing or other surfaces.
  4. Skin Hydration: These fine hair can also help to retain some moisture on the skin's surface, contributing to a hydrated and healthy complexion. 

Should I remove my peach fuzz?

Some people prefer removing peach fuzz from their faces for a variety of reasons. Skincare and make-up applications become easier without peach fuzz. Other people don’t mind their peach fuzz because it protects the skin barrier from dirt and bacteria. 



We've lined up the top 10 reasons why bidding adieu to those tiny hairs is a game-changer. 

  1. Flawless Makeup Application: Removing peach fuzz creates a smooth canvas for makeup, allowing products to glide on effortlessly and adhere better to the skin. Say goodbye to cakey foundation and hello to a flawless finish.
  2. Enhanced Skincare Absorption: Peach fuzz-free skin absorbs skincare products more effectively. Your serums and moisturizers can penetrate deeper, maximizing their benefits for a radiant complexion.
  3. Youthful Glow: The absence of peach fuzz gives your skin a youthful radiance. Without the fine hairs diffusing light, your face appears more vibrant and refreshed.
  4. Exfoliation Bonus: When you wax away peach fuzz, you're also giving your skin a gentle exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells, promoting a healthier, brighter complexion.
  5. Long-Lasting Smoothness: Unlike shaving, waxing offers longer-lasting results. You'll enjoy weeks of smooth, hair-free skin without the need for frequent touch-ups.
  6. Hairless Lipstick Line: Achieve a defined and flawless lipstick line. No more worries about lipstick feathering or smudging due to fine facial hair.
  7. Confidence Booster: Peach fuzz removal can boost your confidence. It can empower you to show off your natural beauty and rock a bare face with pride.

What should you do? Should you remove peach fuzz? Or let it be?

That totally depends on what you want. If a little hair on your face doesn’t bother you, then you’re fine not removing the fuzz. But if you can find the right balance between being fuzz-free and taking care of your skin barrier, then go for it!

How to get rid of peach fuzz?

Like with any kind of body hair, peach fuzz too can be removed in a thousand different ways. There are waxing, threading, sugaring, dermaplanning, tweezing, and hair removal creams. These are all of your temporary fixes for peach fuzz removal and you could easily do all of them at home.  If you want a more permanent solution, then laser hair removal is the way to go. 

But if you are going for something affordable, and something that you could DIY at home, then we’d suggest waxing your peach fuzz. You do not have to break the bank, you can do it at your own time and pace, and waxing lasts longer than any of the other hair removal methods. 

Tress Wellness hard wax beads are perfect for face waxing and peach fuzz removal. They are safe for sensitive areas like face, and will become your best friend for peach fuzz waxing!

Keeping it Smooth: How to Prep Your Skin Before Waxing Peach Fuzz at Home

For a smooth, bump-free waxing experience, it’s crucial that you prep your skin leading up to the day of waxing. Here are a few things that you can do to prep your skin and keep your waxing game smooth.


  • Cleanse. Hydrate. Repeat. 

  • Consistency with your skin care is the key to having smooth and buttery soft skin post-waxing. Cleanse your skin every day, and moisturize using a hydrating cream or moisturizer regularly. You can thank us later for your healthy, plump, and glowing skin.

  • A little exfoliation goes a long way

  • Exfoliating twice a week gets rid of the dead skin cells and dirt build-up on your skin. This ensures a smoother waxing experience. 

  • Say “No” to the Moisturiser before Waxing

  • After you have cleansed your face, skip the moisturizer. If your skin is too hydrated and greasy, the wax won’t stick to it. 

    Your Step-by-Step Guide to Waxing Peach Fuzz at Home

    Ready for the big pull-off? Follow this step-by-step guide and you will have a smooth waxing experience at home!

    @tresswellness_waxingkit Replying to @kareell_ wax that’s gentle enough for your 🐱and your face! #waxing #gentlewax #hardwax #howtowax #amazonwaxtips #waxingforbeginners #waxingtips #USA ♬ original sound - Tress Wellness Waxing Kit 💜

    1. Gather Your Supplies:

    Choose a quality waxing kit designed for facial use.

    Ensure you have wax applicators (often wooden or plastic sticks) and fabric strips.

    1. Heat the Wax:

    Follow the instructions on your waxing kit to heat the wax to the appropriate temperature. It should be warm but not scalding. We recommend setting your wax warmer to 150 degrees to get the perfect consistency of wax. 

    1. Test the Temperature:

    Before applying the wax to your face, test it on a small, less sensitive area of your skin, like your forearm, to ensure it's not too hot.

    1. Apply the Wax:

    Using a spatula, apply a thin, even layer of wax in the direction of hair growth. Avoid going over the same area multiple times to minimize irritation.

    1. Ready, Set, Remove:

    Hold your skin taut with one hand and use the other to quickly pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The faster you pull, the less discomfort you'll feel.

    1. Repeat as Needed:

    Continue these steps in small sections until you've removed the desired amount of peach fuzz.

    1. Soothe and Moisturize:

    After you've finished waxing, soothe your skin with a post-waxing oil or lotion to reduce redness and irritation.

    1. Clean Up:

    Clean any residual wax from your face using the Tress Wellness after-wax spray or micellar water. 

    Flawlessly Fuzz-free: Tress Tips for Flawless Peach Fuzz Waxing

    These are some of our favorite tips for that buttery, soft facial skin post peach fuzz waxing. 

    Choosing the Right Wax for Peach Fuzz Removal 

    Your facial skin is much more delicate than the rest of your body. For peach fuzz removal, you should look for the kind of wax that is gentle on your delicate facial skin and is less painful when you’re ripping it off. 

    The answer is simple, you get hard wax. Hard wax sticks only to your peach fuzz and not to your skin. So, when you pull it off, it does not tug at your skin, unlike soft wax and sugar wax. Hard wax is the only way you swing when you’re waxing your peach fuzz. 


    @tresswellness_waxingkit When did you first try hard wax? So many people don’t know the difference between hard wax and soft wax but they are VERY different! #hardwax #waxing #howtowax #stablediffusion #USA ♬ original sound - Tress Wellness Waxing Kit 💜

    Tress Wellness hard wax beads are suitable for sensitive areas like the face and bikini line. 

    Getting the wax consistency right

    You should warm up your hard wax till it reaches a thick, honey-like consistency. If your wax is too hard and lumpy, it won’t spread on your skin. And if it is runny and watery, then it’s too hot and you might end up burning your face. Ouch! 

    Getting the right consistency is really important. A wax warmer can help you with that. Wax warmers usually display the temperature at which you are warming up your hard wax- 150 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal heat to get your wax good and gooey. 


    The Tress Wellness Wax Warmer Kit includes a wax warmer with a digital display, LED indicator and temperature control dial so that you get that perfect consistency every time. 

    Post Wax Care and Battling Redness and Inflammation

    Waxing your peach fuzz is just the beginning of the journey to silky-smooth skin. After the treatment, it's time to show your skin some TLC. Here's how to tackle the common post-wax redness and inflammation:

    1. Gentle Palm Tap: To soothe the freshly waxed area, gently tap it with the palm of your hand. This minimizes redness and helps calm the skin. Think of it as a little love pat for your complexion.
    1. Choose Soothing Products: Look for a post-waxing lotion or spray that contains calming ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, or cucumber extract. These natural wonders are known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

    The Tress Wellness after-wax spray is the perfect solution. Enriched with aloe vera and chamomile, it instantly calms and hydrates post-waxing. Say hello to painless bliss with Tress Wellness After-Wax Spray!

    1. Apply with Care: After a gentle palm tap, apply your chosen soothing product with care. Use clean hands or a cotton pad to avoid any potential contamination. Smooth it over the treated area in a gentle, upward motion.
    1. Stay Cool and Avoid Irritants: After waxing, avoid hot showers, saunas, and sun exposure for at least 24 hours. These can irritate freshly waxed skin. Stick to lukewarm water and gentle skincare products during this time.

    How to remove peach fuzz without breaking out? 

    You have to curate a skincare routine that incorporates products that nourish, replenish and repair your skin if you’re removing peach fuzz. Although waxing is not as harmful as derma planning or shaving peach fuzz, you should still have a strong defence lined for your skin. 

    Waxing does not strip your skin of its barrier, so the chances of breaking out with waxing are lesser. But in any case, you should incorporate calming ingredients like cica and aloe vera into your skincare routine. A good ceramide-based moisturizer also goes a long way in protecting your skin’s barrier. 

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    If you have a strong skin barrier, you do not have to worry about breaking out from peach fuzz removal. 

    That’s all we have for you for peach fuzz removal. Get your hands on an all-in-one waxing kit to remove peach fuzz at home all by yourself.

    Get your game face on and start waxing!

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