Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond the Bare: Navigating FAQs for a Flawless Waxing Experience

Hot Topic: Hard Wax

  • Your whole body (if you want to). Hard wax beads are safe for waxing arms, legs, bikini, armpits, and even the face. Check out our TikTok and YouTube channel for guides on each body part.

  • Our hard wax beads are formulated to work for all parts of the body, unlike soft wax, which isn't safe for face and bikini waxing.

    However, we also offer bikini beads specially formulated for sensitive body parts and skin types.

  • This will depend on your personal hair growth as different people's hair will re-grow at different rates. But the good news is that as you wax more often it will take your hair longer and longer to come back and it will become more and more sparse.

Play it Safe

  • This will depend on how much wax you are looking to melt. When melting the wax, we advise you to turn your wax warmer to the maximum setting and place the lid over to increase the speed of melting until you get the desired honey-like consistency.

    150-180F degrees is recommended, but it can vary. We always recommend doing a patch test first.

  • It depends on how much hair you plan on removing. A rough estimate is that 100g is enough for both of your legs, but it depends on how thick you spread the wax. It is better to over-estimate as waiting for new wax to melt can get in the way of a good waxing session.

    If wax is unused at the end of the session; no worries. Simply allow it to cool and you can re-melt it for your next session

  • This code stands for overtemperature protection, which means that the heating temperature exceeds a safety limit, When it cools down, it’s ready to use. So you plug US wax warmer (110V) in EU that is 220V.