For vacations, weekend getaways, or beach days, getting a good bikini wax done can elevate your confidence when you rock that bikini by the beach! If you are familiar with bikini waxing, then you might know what to expect from the waxing process. But in case you were wondering how to take care of your skin after bikini waxing, we got you covered, girl!

But first, if you need a quick tutorial for bikini waxing, check this out:

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The smooth bikini area that you get post-waxing needs after-wax care and a whole lot of love to remain healthy and happy. Ignoring your bikini area post-waxing can cause a lot of problems including rashes, irritation, ingrown hair, and long-term sensitivity.


1. Say “Yes” to Moisturization for After-Wax Care!

The bikini area is incredibly sensitive, and the repeated tugging and pulling during waxing can further irritate and sensitize the skin. Incorporating aloe vera or cica post-wax is excellent for soothing and calming the skin. Enhance your after-wax care routine by using a post-wax spray followed by a lightweight gel moisturizer to aid in skin rejuvenation, reducing redness and inflammation.



After wax care, particularly moisturization is vital to minimize the risk of developing dry and flaky skin in the bikini region, which, in turn, can lead to ingrown hair. However, it's essential to strike the right balance. Avoid going too heavy on cream-based moisturizers or oils, as these can potentially clog pores and elevate the risk of rashes and ingrown hair. Finding the perfect balance in hydration and after-wax care is key to ensuring the well-being of your bikini region. Opt for lightweight, breathable, and easily absorbable moisturizers, as they play a crucial role in your post-wax care routine.

2. Use a Soothing Gel or Spray after Waxing

The gentle formula of the soothing gel or spray not only cools and hydrates the skin but also leaves you with a refreshing sensation. Before selecting a soothing after-bikini wax care gel or spray, conduct a quick ingredient check.


Ensure your after-bikini wax care solution includes at least one of the following key ingredients:

1. Aloe Vera: Renowned for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera provides soothing relief to irritated skin.

2. Chamomile: With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, chamomile effectively reduces redness and irritation.

3. Witch Hazel: As a natural astringent, witch hazel tightens pores and diminishes irritation with its anti-inflammatory prowess.

4. Calendula: Known for promoting skin healing and reducing inflammation, calendula is an excellent choice for post-bikini wax care.

5. Cucumber Extract: Offering a soothing and cooling effect, cucumber extract alleviates redness and irritation.

6. Hyaluronic Acid: Providing deep hydration, hyaluronic acid helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.

7. Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Panthenol enhances skin hydration and supports the healing process.

8. Allantoin: Recognized for its soothing and skin-regenerating properties.

For a foolproof after-bikini wax care solution, look no further than the Tress Wellness after-wax spray. Enriched with aloe vera and chamomile, this spray instantly calms and hydrates post-bikini waxing. Say hello to the smoothest bikini line ever with Tress Wellness After-Bikini Wax Care Spray!

3. Post-waxing Pool Rules for Bikini Wax Aftercare

We totally get it; those waxing sessions are your prep for those perfect pool days or beachfront bliss. But, pause for a moment! Freshly waxed skin, especially post a bikini or Brazilian wax, deserves a bit of post-wax pampering.

Now, imagine this: jumping into the water, be it a chemically treated pool or the salty sea, is like throwing a party and inviting irritation, redness, and potential ingrown hair to join in. Not the kind of party you want, right?

So, here's the scoop: resist the urge to dive into the water for at least 24-48 hours after waxing. Let your skin recover and rejuvenate. Give it that after-wax bikini care it truly deserves. Treat your skin right for a flawless and irritation-free post-wax experience! 

4. Let Your Bikini Area Breathe

Avoid wearing tight underwear or pants for proper after bikini wax. You must also choose the right kind of fabric for post-bikini wax care.

Fabrics You Should Avoid Post-Bikini Wax:

  1. Polyester: This synthetic fabric can be irritating and may hinder the healing process.
  2. Rayon: Similar to polyester, rayon can be less breathable and more likely to cause discomfort.
  3. Nylon: Known for its lack of breathability, nylon might not be the best choice for post-wax comfort.
  4. Leather: Heavy and potentially irritating, leather can aggravate sensitive skin post-bikini wax.
  5. Wool: While cozy, wool can be abrasive on freshly waxed skin, leading to irritation.

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Make those cotton underpants your best friend. Here are a few benefits of wearing cotton underpants after bikini waxing:

Breathability: Cotton allows air to circulate, preventing irritation and promoting a comfortable healing environment.

Gentleness: Soft and gentle, cotton underpants won't rub against sensitive skin, reducing the risk of discomfort.

Absorbency: Cotton absorbs moisture, keeping the bikini area dry and minimizing the chance of irritation.

Minimized Friction: Cotton's smooth texture reduces friction, supporting the healing process without unnecessary irritation.

Hypoallergenic Properties: Cotton is less likely to cause allergic reactions, making it an ideal choice for sensitive post-wax skin.

Choosing the right fabrics post-bikini wax can make a significant difference in your comfort and the overall healing process. Cotton, with its breathable and gentle qualities, emerges as the champion for a happy and irritation-free bikini area.

5. Exfoliate, but not quite

Exfoliation is a great way to minimize clogged pores and reduce ingrown hair after waxing, but you have to be very cautious about this aftercare post-bikini waxing. Do not exfoliate your skin for 48 hours after you’ve had your bikini wax because exfoliants are usually harsh on your skin. Exfoliating too soon can cause breakouts and rash flares. However, do continue exfoliating your skin on a regular basis after a week of getting your bikini wax. This removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from your skin and prevents ingrown hair. 

Since the skin is delicate after waxing, neither granular scrubs nor chemical exfoliants are safe to use at this point. 

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs): Glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid can be too harsh on freshly waxed skin, potentially leading to irritation.
  2. Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs): Salicylic acid, while effective for exfoliation, may be too aggressive for sensitive post-wax skin, increasing the risk of redness and discomfort.
  3. Retinoids: Retinol and other retinoids can be too potent and may cause excessive dryness and peeling, compromising the healing process.
  4. Enzymes: Certain enzymes, like papain and bromelain, found in exfoliating products, can be irritating on sensitive skin post-bikini wax.
  5. Chemical Peels: Avoid any products or treatments containing strong chemical peels, as these can be too aggressive for recently waxed skin, leading to adverse reactions.

Choosing gentler exfoliation methods, like mild scrubs, after the initial 48-hour healing period is crucial to prevent irritation and maintain smooth, healthy skin. Always prioritize the comfort and well-being of your freshly waxed bikini area.

6. Avoid Hot Baths and Saunas Post Bikini Wax

Steer clear of hot baths or saunas immediately after waxing to protect your skin's newfound sensitivity. Exposing freshly waxed skin to heat can heighten sensitivity and potentially lead to discomfort. Avoiding hot baths preserves your skin's delicate state, allowing it to recover without unnecessary stress.

7. Say “No” to Sun Exposure for Two Days

You've just aced your at-home waxing session, and that smooth skin deserves to shine! But here's the deal: For the next 48 hours, let's keep that glow away from the harsh sun. You have to wait for a couple of days before you rock that bikini and hit the beach. 


We advise you to schedule your Brazilian wax session ahead of time so that you have enough time between your bikini wax session and your beach plans. Our WaxPal app is your best friend for scheduling all your waxing sessions. 

8. Keep It Cool, Skip the Sweat After Waxing

Let's talk about the importance of avoiding exercise and heavy sweating for the next 24-48 hours. Why, you ask? Well, after waxing, your hair follicles are open and vulnerable to bacterial growth and potential irritation. Engaging in rigorous physical activity or sweating profusely during this time can increase the likelihood of skin issues, including redness or even ingrown hairs.

We swear by these tips for bikini wax aftercare. Tress Wellness’s post-wax spray is completely safe to use in the bikini area, it soothes your skin and nourishes it deeply. Pair our spray with our aftercare tips for the smoothest and healthiest bikini line!

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