Are you curious about mankini waxing? This guide dives straight into everything you need to know about achieving that clean, sleek look. From professional tips to selecting the right waxing kit, we cover the essentials of mankini grooming without the unnecessary fluff. Prepare to boost your confidence with a step-by-step approach to flawless mankini maintenance.

Key Takeaways

  • Primped and preened below the hairline is the new norm: Mankini waxing equals hygiene plus, an ego boost, and smoother sailing in the nether regions.

  • Leave the pain and embarrassment at the door: It’s less ‘youch’ and more ‘chillax’ with strategic breathing, and arousal’s not an anomaly—it’s all part of the service.

  • The Tress Wellness kit is your at-home hair eviction expert: a box of waxy tricks for a gentler strip and aftercare that’s friendlier to your derriere, ensuring the upkeep of your newfound below-the-belt neatness protocol.



Demystifying Mankini Waxing

Let's answer some of your most common question about the male bikini and brazilian wax or the mankini/ manzilian!

Can Men Get a Bikini or Brazilian Wax?

Yes, men can absolutely get a bikini or Brazilian wax, often referred to as a "mankini wax" or "manzilian". This grooming trend is gaining popularity as more men seek the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin in their private areas.

What is a Mankini Wax?

When we say “mankini waxing” or “manzilian”, we’re talking about the process of male waxing, specifically hair removal from the male body hair in private areas, including pubic hair, similar to a Brazilian wax for women. This male brazilian wax technique includes:

  • the pubic mound

  • genitalia

  • perineum

  • often the inner thighs and butt crack

But don’t be fooled; mankini waxing isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. From leaving some hair on the pubic mound to opting for a male landing strip, there’s a style for every preference, including the popular male bikini wax. The secret sauce to a successful waxing experience lies in the use of high-quality wax, strong enough for thicker hair yet gentle for sensitive areas.

Let’s tackle a common concern head-on. Yes, it is common for men to get an erection during a mankini waxing session. But don’t fret! This is typically a reflexive physical reaction and unrelated to sexual behavior. Professionals understand this and will proceed with the service, as long as the client’s behavior remains appropriate.

What are the benefits of mankini waxing?

What makes mankini waxing a worthy consideration? For starters, it promotes improved hygiene by removing hair that can trap dirt and odor, leading to a cleaner, fresher feeling. Moreover, waxing poses a significant advantage over shaving as it substantially reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs and acne.

The benefits of mankini waxing extend beyond the surface. Men report increased confidence after mankini waxing, as they feel more attractive and have cleaner, smoother skin. So, if you’re looking for that extra boost of self-assurance, a mankini wax might just be the ticket!

Debunking mankini waxing myths



Let's break down some common myths about mankini waxing and set the record straight:

  • Myth #1: The Pain Is Unbearable
    Reality: While it's not a tickle-fest, the pain is usually brief and manageable. Pain tolerance is also very subjective. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help mitigate discomfort. Plus, the more you wax, the less it hurts over time.

  • Myth #2: Erections Are Embarrassing and Inappropriate
    Reality: Arousal can be a natural, involuntary response to stimulation. Professional waxers are accustomed to it and will continue the service provided the client behaves appropriately.

  • Myth #3: The Process Lacks Privacy
    Reality: Waxing requires access similar to a medical exam, but professionals ensure a respectful and supportive environment that maintains your dignity. For those who prioritize maximum privacy, at-home waxing is a viable option, allowing you to handle the task in the comfort and seclusion of your own space.

  • Myth #4: It's Only for Models
    Reality: Mankini waxing is for anyone looking to improve hygiene, feel cleaner, or boost confidence, regardless of profession or body type.

Tress Wellness Waxing Kit: Your At-Home Solution

Keen on exploring the realm of mankini waxing? Look no further than the Tress Wellness all-in-one waxing kit. This kit isn’t just a product; it’s an experience. Tress Wellness’s best-selling product, currently on sale at an affordable price from its original $59.99 to $39.99, offers everything you need for a full body waxing session, all suitable for sensitive skin areas and all skin types.

Considering the cost of professional mankini waxing services, which can range from $50 to $120 per session depending on the salon and region, the Tress Wellness waxing kit is a cost-effective alternative. With multiple uses in each kit, the one-time purchase can save you a significant amount of money over time, not to mention the convenience of waxing at your own pace and privacy.

What's included in the Tress Wellness waxing kit?

The Tress Wellness waxing kit includes:

  • A digital wax warmer

  • Hard wax beans

  • One silicone wax bowl

  • Twenty large waxing sticks

  • Ten small waxing sticks

  • One pre-wax spray

  • One after-wax spray

These items are indispensable for a smooth waxing procedure, especially when using soft wax.

The silicone bowl, in particular, is a boon. It’s used to conveniently store and facilitate clean-up of residual wax from the wax warmer. Talk about convenience and efficiency wrapped in one!

Perfecting Your Mankini Wax Technique with a Home-Waxing Kit

Attaining a flawless mankini wax doesn’t necessitate a magical touch, just a dash of expertise. The Tress Wellness waxing kit contains waxes that are specially scented and formulated to effectively remove hair while being gentle on the skin. In fact, waxing removes hair in a way that ensures a smoother and longer-lasting result.

To obtain optimal outcomes, segment the wax application, align it with the hair growth, let it dry for roughly 30 seconds, and then promptly remove it counter to the direction of hair growth.

Preparing your skin for waxing

Proper preparation of your skin can make a world of difference in your waxing experience. Here's how to get ready for a smooth mankini wax:

1. Length Matters: Ensure your hair is at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to grip effectively. If it's longer, trim it down to about 3mm to 5mm.


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2. Clean Slate: Take a shower to remove lotions, oils, or debris that could prevent the wax from adhering properly.
3. Dress for Success: Wear loose-fitting clothes after your shower to avoid irritation and let the skin breathe.
4. Smooth Moves: Gently exfoliate a couple of days before your appointment to slough away dead skin cells and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

By following these steps, you'll be setting the stage for a successful and less painful waxing session.

Proper wax application and removal

Before waxing, heat the hard wax beads in the warmer to the recommended temperature of 150-180°F and prepare the skin using the pre-wax spray to clean it and ensure it’s free from oils or lotions. The hot wax will provide a smooth and effective hair removal experience.

Applying wax is an artistry, and perfecting it can result in a more seamless waxing experience. Here are some tips for applying wax:

  1. Apply wax in at a 45-degree angle in long, narrow strips for better control and focus, especially in sensitive areas.

  2. The wax should be applied evenly in the direction of the hair growth.

  3. Leave a small tab at the end of each strip for grip.

By following these tips, you can achieve a more effective and comfortable waxing experience.

Once applied, let the wax cool for about 30 seconds until it is soft to touch but not sticky; if it hardens too much, removal will be difficult. To remove the wax:

  1. Grip the end of the wax strip

  2. Pull the skin taut

  3. Remove the wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, staying close and parallel to the skin. Be actively involved by keeping your skin taut and positioned correctly as instructed by the professional during the waxing session.

Using a mirror can help monitor progress and avoid multiple applications on the same area, which can cause irritation.

Here's a video tutorial on how you should properly apply the wax:


@tresswellness_waxingkit How to apply hard wax like a pro ✅ #waxing #hardwax #howtowax #waxingforbeginners #USA ♬ original sound - Tress Wellness Waxing Kit 💜


Post-Wax Care and Maintenance

Appropriate aftercare following waxing is equally significant as the waxing procedure itself. To soothe skin after waxing, follow these steps:

  1. Gently clean with lukewarm water.

  2. Apply antibacterial ointment and Tress Wellness after-wax spray.

  3. Wear loose-fitting clothing.

  4. Avoid heat, steam, chlorinated water, and strenuous activities for at least 24 hours.

To maintain waxing results and achieve smoother skin, it’s recommended to schedule future waxing sessions every 4-6 weeks and refrain from shaving between these sessions.

Soothing and protecting your skin

Post-mankini wax, your skin warrants some tender care. Apply post-wax calming wipes immediately after hair removal to soothe the skin, minimize irritation, and reduce redness. Consider a cold compress to alleviate discomfort, if necessary.

Also, wait at least six hours after waxing before showering to allow the pores to close and avoid any bacteria-related issues. Abstain from swimming for 24 hours post-wax to prevent irritation or infection from bacteria in lakes, oceans, or pools.

Preventing ingrown hair and irritation

Preventive measures outshine remedies, particularly concerning ingrown hairs and irritation. Use witch-hazel, tea tree oil, or aloe vera gel post-waxing for their soothing properties and to alleviate irritation. Applying an ingrown hair serum such as the Ipanema Ingrown Hair Serum can prevent future ingrown hairs.

Begin gentle exfoliation with a soft brush or scrubs three to five days after waxing, every two to three days, to prevent ingrown hairs. Hydrated skin prevents hair breakage at the surface, so use a proper moisturizer daily to avoid ingrown hairs.

Wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing after waxing helps skin breathe and aids proper hair regrowth.

For more tips on aftercare for your mankini, check out our waxing aftercare blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Borat invent the mankini?

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No, Borat did not invent the mankini. The mankini was actually created by Sacha Baron Cohen's costume designer, Jason Alper.

Who wore the mankini?

Sacha Baron Cohen wore the mankini in the 2006 film "Borat" and popularized it with his chauvinistic Kazakh reporter character.

What does a Manzilian wax include?

A Manzilian wax includes the complete removal of hair around the upper thighs, pubic mound, genitalia, and butt crack, similar to a traditional Brazilian wax for women. Get ready to be smooth and sleek!

How do I use the Tress Wellness waxing kit?

Get ready to slay with the Tress Wellness waxing kit! Heat the hard wax beads, prep the skin, apply wax at a 45-degree angle, and confidently pull it off against the hair growth. You've got this!

How can I soothe my skin after waxing?

After waxing, use post-wax calming wipes and consider a cold compress to soothe your skin and minimize irritation. It's all about that post-wax TLC!

We’ve journeyed through the world of mankini waxing, demystified the process, debunked the myths, and outlined how you can achieve a smooth mankini wax at home with the Tress Wellness waxing kit. Remember, proper preparation, application and post-wax care are key to a successful waxing experience. Happy waxing!

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