It’s time to say goodbye to grizzly bear summers. Do you want to show off your chiselled chest without any pesky hair getting in the way? Well, have no fear - chest waxing is here! But don’t fret waxing chest hair, with the right tools and prepping tips, chest waxing can become a breeze. So, grab your waxing kit, strap on your brave face, and get ready to say goodbye to your chest and hair. We’ll make this an experience that you remember and one that you repeat now and then!

Here’s our complete guide to chest waxing for men!


Prep like a Pro: Prepare for Waxing Chest Hair

Before waxing chest hair, you need to follow a few prep tips for a smooth, bump-free chest waxing experience. Here are a few things that you can do to prep your skin and keep your waxing game smooth.

1Cleanse. Hydrate. Repeat. 

Consistency with your skin care is the key to having smoother results post chest waxing. Cleanse your body every day, and moisturize using a hydrating cream or lotion regularly. You can thank us later for the effective chest waxing experience.

 2. Trim the bush. Your hair must be a quarter of an inch before waxing

If your chest hair is too long, it's important to trim it before waxing. This will make the waxing chest hair less painful and more effective. Use a trimmer or scissors to cut your hair to at least a quarter of an inch.


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3. A little exfoliation goes a long way

Exfoliating twice a week gets rid of the dead skin cells and dirt build-up on your skin. This ensures a smoother waxing experience and prevents ingrown hair. Use a mild exfoliant or body scrub to exfoliate your chest.

4. A Warm Shower Keeps Things Smooth

Taking a warm shower before waxing opens up your pores and softens the hair follicles, making hair removal a breeze. 

5. Say “No” to Lotion Only on the Day of Waxing

After you hop out of the shower on the day of waxing, skip the moisturizer. If your skin is too hydrated and greasy, the wax won’t stick to it. 

6. Choose your weapon

Not all waxes are created equal! Opt for a wax designed specifically for men's hair, and choose a hard wax if you have sensitive skin. Hard wax is great for pulling off all hair effectively. Tress Wellness hard wax beads are perfect for pulling off coarse and thick men’s hair, and yet gentle on skin making it perfect for waxing chest hair. Have delicate, sensitive or allergy-prone skin? Worry not, the Tress Wellness is FDA-approved and dermatologically tested. Makes for a perfect waxing weapon, doesn’t it

Checklist for Chest Waxing: Tools You Will Need

Here’s a checklist of things you need before you get waxing chest hair:

  1. Hard wax
  2. Wax warmer/ microwave
  3. A couple of spatulas
  4. A small mirror
  5. A large mirror
  6. A piece of cleaning cloth

Or just grab your home waxing kit and mirrors to get started! Home waxing kits are an excellent investment to make at-home waxing a regular thing. The Tress Wellness waxing kit is one of the best at-home waxing kits and it comes with everything that you need for waxing chest and any other body part by yourself– wax warmer, hard wax beads, spatulas and pre-wax and after-wax care sprays. 

Get your hands on the Tress Wellness waxing kit, and you’ll be all set to get the professional waxing experience at home!

The Step-by-Step Chest Waxing Guide for Men

Let’s go and get that chest hair waxed, shall we?


Step 1: Apply Pre-Wax Spray

A pre-waxing product is essential before you get started on waxing your chest hair. Pre-wax spray helps prep your skin and hair so that the wax sticks to your hair better, and effectively removes it. A couple of spritz of pre-waxing spray on your chest, and you're good to get started.  

Step 2: Work in sections

Chest hair growth occurs in random directions. So, working in sections is a must when you are waxing chest hair. We suggest you wax in sections where the hair growth is in similar directions. Use a marker if you need extra help in working with sections. 

Step 3- Warm up your wax beads

Set your wax warmer to 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit. Your wax should look something like honey. 

Step 2- Scoop up your wax and spread it thick

Next, we apply the wax gently. Pull your skin taut with two fingers, and use the other hand to spread the wax nice and thick in your chosen section. Apply your wax in the direction of the hair growth



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Step 3: Wait for the wax to cool down

Wait a few seconds for the wax to cool down and harden. 

Step 4: Pull off the wax

Pull your skin taut with one hand, and pull the wax off, close to your body, in the opposite direction.

Step 5: After-wax spray

In the last step, apply the post-wax spray to remove any wax residue and calm the skin.

Here's how your chest would look if you wax it.


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Aftercare Tips for Post-Chest Waxing

Freshly waxed areas need a bit of extra love and care to retain the smoothness. For smoother, longer-lasting results, make sure you follow these tips post-waxing. 

Moisturize Regularly

After your chest waxing session, maintaining well-hydrated skin is essential. Choose a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer to soothe the skin after chest waxing. This helps alleviate any post-waxing redness and prevents dryness, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery.

Avoid Sun Exposure


Protect your freshly waxed chest from direct sunlight for at least 48 hours to minimize sensitivity. Applying a high SPF sunscreen is crucial for safeguarding the waxed chest hair area and maintaining optimal skin health post-chest wax.

Wear Loose Clothing 

Opt for loose, breathable clothing, preferably made from cotton, to reduce friction and irritation on the freshly waxed chest. This promotes a comfortable healing process and allows the skin to breathe after waxing the chest.

Skip Hot Baths and Saunas 

Avoid hot baths, saunas, or steam rooms immediately after chest waxing. Excessive heat can irritate the skin, so opt for lukewarm showers during the initial recovery period to ensure a more comfortable experience with waxing the chest.

Hands Off Policy


Resist the temptation to touch or scratch the waxed chest area, especially with unwashed hands. Touching can introduce bacteria, potentially leading to infections. Keep the area clean and allow it to heal naturally for optimal results after waxing chest hair.

There you go! That’s your ultimate guide to waxing chest hair. Grooming and looking good is the new cool for men! So if you want a touch of smoothness in your grooming routine, men, chest waxing is the right choice. Go ahead and pick up your waxing kit. 

Happy waxing!

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