How much does waxing cost? From a quick lip touch-up to a full body wax, prices can start as low as $10 and soar up to $300, depending on the chosen service and salon. In this article, we dive into what you can expect to pay for different waxing services, the factors that affect pricing, and how to get the most value for your money.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of full body waxing varies widely, starting at around $150, with prices influenced by salon location, reputation, and the type of wax used, with potential savings through packages.

  • The Tress Wellness Waxing Kit offers an economical and convenient at-home alternative to salon services, providing cost savings over time and accommodating sensitive skin with dermatologically tested products.

  • Maximizing waxing results involves proper skincare and maintenance such as gentle exfoliation, hydration, and post-wax care for extended smoothness and slower hair regrowth.

Decoding Full Body Waxing Prices

So, what influences the price of a full body wax? Here are the key factors that determine the cost:

  • Location: Metropolitan areas often charge more for waxing services due to higher overheads.

  • Salon reputation: Well-known salons with a good reputation may charge higher prices.

  • Specific body areas: The cost can vary depending on the specific areas you want to get waxed.

  • Type of wax used: Some salons use hard wax for sensitive areas, which may affect the cost.

Prices for full body waxing can range from $15 to $300, depending on the salon and the services provided.

On average, a full body waxing service, which potentially covers:

  • arms

  • legs

  • back

  • bikini area, including the bikini line

The waxing cost for a full body treatment typically ranges between $100 to $200, with starting prices usually around $150. Some salons offer full body waxing packages, which can save clients up to 30% compared to the cost of individual services.

Understanding Salon Waxing Costs

At a salon, waxing services can range from as low as $10 for a lip wax to as high as $80 for a full leg wax. A Brazilian wax, known for its thorough removal of pubic hair, averages between $50 to $75, but this can go up to nearly $110 when you factor in a 20% tip. The average cost of a bikini wax, which involves less extensive hair removal, usually falls between $30 and $50, depending on the salon.

Men's Waxing Price Guide

Men’s waxing services generally start at a higher price point than women’s due to denser hair growth. The cost of men’s waxing services varies based on the area being waxed and the type of wax used. Men’s full-body wax typically includes the chest and stomach, and many salons offer a ‘Manzilian,’ which may or may not include the genital area.

The starting price for a men’s full-body wax is generally over $150, reflecting the more extensive hair removal required. It’s important to keep in mind that waxing services may be priced differently based on anatomy regardless of gender, so it’s always best to confirm the costs before booking an appointment.

Investing in At-Home Hair Removal: Tress Wellness Waxing Kit

One alternative to salon waxing is the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit. This at-home kit has been praised by users for its cost-effectiveness and convenience. Many Amazon reviewers have reported significant cost savings by using the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit instead of paying for salon services.

Users also appreciate the convenience and ease of use of the kit, which allows them to achieve salon-quality results at home. While other at-home waxing options exist such as microwaveable wax pots and pre-waxed strips, the Tress Wellness Kit stands out for its effectiveness and user satisfaction.

The Economics of DIY Waxing

When you consider the initial cost of the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit, it’s lower than what you’d typically pay for a single salon visit. This presents immediate savings and a budget-friendly startup. The kit includes multiple bags of wax beads along with pre and post-wax sprays, providing users with all they need for a complete waxing regimen.

Given that the wax beads provided with the Tress Wellness Kit can be used for several full body waxes, and that the kit supplies can last several months, the cost per wax session decreases significantly over time when compared to salon pricing. Users have also reported a less painful experience using the Tress Wellness Kit compared to salon treatments, highlighting not only a cost benefit but also a comfort advantage.

Tailored to Your Skin

For those with sensitive skin, the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit is a great option. The kit is designed with sensitive skin in mind and provides a safe option for at-home hair removal. The soft wax beads in the Tress Wellness kit quickly melt and adhere to hair, facilitating effective hair removal without causing skin irritation.

Users of the Tress Wellness wax kit, including those with PCOS, have reported no adverse effects, reflecting the product’s gentle formulation for sensitive skin. Moreover, the hard wax beads included in the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit are certified dermatologically tested, ensuring they’re safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The kit is suitable for delicate areas like bikini lines and underarms, making it a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

The Nitty-Gritty: Itemized Waxing Service Costs



Understanding individual waxing service prices is essential to comprehend the total cost of a full body wax. Here are some average prices for specific waxing services:

  • Upper lip wax: $11

  • Chin wax: $15

  • Eyebrow wax: $20

  • Underarm wax: $22

When it comes to more sensitive areas, the costs rise. A bikini wax averages $41, while a Brazilian wax, with its thorough hair removal, can total up to $858 annually, assuming an average of $66 per session. The higher cost of a Brazilian wax reflects the greater skill and time required to remove hair from the pubic area, inner thighs, and buttocks, including the labia.

These service-specific costs contribute to the cumulative amount spent on full body waxing, making this knowledge pivotal for budgeting for body hair removal needs.

Specifics for Sensitive Skin

The Tress Wellness waxing kit includes a pre-wax spray and an after-wax spray specifically designed to prepare and soothe sensitive skin before and after waxing procedures. The waxes developed by Tress Wellness are tough on hair but gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring a comfortable waxing experience.

It’s critical to discuss any very sensitive skin concerns with your waxing technician to select the most appropriate wax for a safe and effective hair removal process. Inadequate waxing techniques at home can lead to scarring and infection, as sensitive skin may be more susceptible to bacteria entering through opened pores after waxing.

Other Services and Add-Ons

In addition to standard waxing packages, many salons offer add-on waxing services for specific areas or beauty preferences. Additional services include:

  • Spot treatment waxing starting at $15

  • Chin waxing for $6 or more

  • Cheek waxing at $25

  • Eyebrow waxing at $15

  • Full face including eyebrows at $35

  • Stomach waxing at $20

  • Full back waxing at $40

  • Various bikini area options ranging from $30 to $40.

Aftercare is essential in maintaining skin smoothness post-waxing and in reducing potential side effects like irritation and ingrown hairs. Post-wax treatments may include products designed to hydrate, exfoliate, and soothe the skin or even slow down hair regrowth, incorporating additional costs for aftercare.

Balancing Cost and Comfort: Salon vs. Home Waxing


While waxing at home with a kit like the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit saves money and is convenient, it can be messier and might not work as well as salon waxing. At-home waxing can be more time-consuming and potentially messier than salon treatments but offers the convenience of being performed at any time. However, home waxing includes options like ready-made wax strips or wax pots, but it may lead to suboptimal results such as bruising, minor bleeding, or ingrown hairs if done incorrectly.

On the other hand, salon waxing provides professional results with less pain and extended hair-free periods, and the risk of burns, scarring, or infection is significantly reduced due to the expertise of the technicians. Some downsides to professional waxing include the potential discomfort of revealing intimate areas, the higher cost, and the necessity of traveling to the salon.

Expert Advice for First-Timers

First-time waxers are advised to opt for salon waxing to avoid common mistakes like incorrect application, which can lead to skin irritation or inadequate hair removal. New waxers should openly communicate any skin changes or medication usage to their waxing technician, which can greatly influence the safety and results of the waxing service, ensuring they achieve freshly waxed skin without complications.

By maintaining regular waxing sessions, the hair grows back slower, finer, and thinner, enhancing the longevity of the results and reducing the discomfort in future waxes. So, if you’re waxing for the first time, it’s worth considering getting it done professionally to ensure a safe and effective process.

Maximizing Your Waxing Investment

Maximizing the results of your waxing investment involves more than just regular waxing. Proper skincare, including weekly gentle exfoliation and regular moisturizing with an oil-free lotion or cream, helps to extend the smoothness after waxing. Adequate hydration by drinking plenty of water can improve skin condition and reduce the rate of hair regrowth.

Also, avoiding the use of razors between waxing sessions ensures that the unwanted hair does not regrow with a sharp, thick, and potentially darker appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to wax or shave?

It's generally cheaper to shave than to wax because all you need is a cheap razor and maybe some shaving cream. If you want the best results for your skin, waxing is the way to go. Also, with waxing, you do not need to wax frequently, so the cost evens out in the long run.

Is waxing worth the cost?

Yes, waxing is worth the cost due to longer-lasting results and convenience in scheduling appointments. Plus, the initial expenses and time commitments are balanced out by the benefits.

How much does it cost to get a full body wax?

Depending on location and salon, a full-body wax typically costs between $100 and $200. This can vary based on the specific services included in the package.

What factors influence the cost of waxing?

The cost of waxing is influenced by factors such as the type of service, location, and the reputation of the salon. These factors can vary the price significantly.

What is the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit?

The Tress Wellness Waxing Kit is an at-home hair removal system providing a cost-effective and convenient alternative to salon waxing. It helps you achieve smooth skin at home.

In conclusion, the cost of waxing, whether at a salon or at home, is influenced by multiple factors including the type of waxing service, the location, and the salon’s reputation. While salon waxing offers the benefits of professional results, home waxing with the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit is a cost-effective and convenient alternative. However, regardless of the method chosen, proper post-wax care is essential to extend the results and keep your skin healthy.

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