What is Hard Wax?

Once you get used to hard wax, you will love it.
It comes in beads and it's easier to melt and you can apply it thicker on the skin.
You can also go over the same spot a couple of times, which you can not do with soft wax.
Hard wax will only adhere to the hair it doesn't adhere to your skin so that's why it's really good for people who have sensitive skin.

Waxing Kit - Natural Ingredients Hard Wax Simple to Use!

This formulated wax protects all skin types, as it is smoother, contains organic ingredients, and is ideal for all sorts of skin tones. With soothing, aromatic before and post-sprays, prepare and ease your skin!

A wax heater set usually is equipped with three or four waxing bead packs, but ours contains 5 highly fragranced packs. Great for all kinds of waxing.
Cleans easily!

Natural & Certified Ingredients!

Invest in this new model with a reliable digital display — no more burns on your skin! The display can display exact temperature readings in the range of 86°F-257°F and color indicators to indicate wax readiness. Besides melting at a very low temperature, our wax burns slowly, so it is very effective without burning!

We want to give you only the best nature has to offer!

Digital Wax Warmer

We developed the latest design with a reliable digital display and no more burnt skin! Our warm wax warmer shows its exact temperature within the range of 86°f-257°f. Our wax's low melting point also states it's effective and pain-free!

5 Hard Wax Beans

It includes 5 top-quality wax bean packs - lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint. The melted wax removes hairs easily and with less stress than most waxing beads.

Pre-wax and After-wax spray

We include 3.4oz Pre Wax Spray, 3.4oz After Wax Spray. Pre-wax spray prevents wax from sticking directly to your skin. The After-Wax spray helps you remove the sticky leftovers from the skin and leave your skin smooth and silky!

Small and Large spatulas

We also added 10 small spatulas and 20 large spatulas. Use small spatulas on smaller areas like the eyebrows, face, chin, and upper lip. And use the large spatulas for bigger areas like the arms, underarms, bikini areas, and legs.

5 Protective Paper Rings

Our protective rings prevent wax from dripping into the warmer. It is a great way to keep the wax warmer clean.

Tress Wellness Benefits

Easy to use, no strips needed!

No Danger of skin Damage, totally safe!

Smooth and Silky skin every time!

With the help of our before & after Spray!

All natural ingredients!

We care about you and our planet!

All hair types lag, bikini, armpits etc...!

Even for your face, no danger of skin damage!

No more irritation - no more mess!

We also have several instructions to read and even Videos to watch!

No more salon visits!

All-in-one wax warmers kit – 47 Items!

Works great on coarse hair!

Our Hard wax works well on coarse, thick hair, Bikini Area etc.!

Not just for ladies also for men!

Silky in all the right places too!

Tress Wellness Digital Wax warmer

Newest Model with digital display

Try Tress Wellness Kit Today

Best for Sensitive skin!
Digital Wax Warmer Waxing Kit
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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have questions? We're always here to answer!
If you don't see your question here, don't hesitate to email us on our Customer Support.

Is this wax a plastic product? What are its ingredients?

There is no plastic on the wax because it is made from natural rosin.

Is the hair expected to grow back soon?

A person’s hair growth is determined by how their body develops it.

What color beads are appropriate for the different areas?

All parts of the body can be treated with our Hard Wax.
Just be aware of how to use it correctly.

The wax takes how long to melt?

On high, it was quick to melt, but you have to lower the temperature to apply the wax. My total application time was about five minutes. I used a third of the bag and melted it after that.

Would it work on 220 volts?

The Wax Heater only runs on110V!
If you wish to use our wax warmer, please remember that.

More product information

Q : Can I also purchase Wax beans?

A :

Yes, we also have a Wax Bean kit on Amazon.
Please visit our store on Amazon 🙂

Q : Can you tell me the size of the heater reservoir?

A :

It can hold approximately 19,2 ounces (1.28 ml).

Q : Does Tresswellness provide any instructions and guides?

A :

Yes, of course!
You can watch an instructional Video on our Listing.
In addition, we included a Full detailed guide on “How to wax” in our Kit!
If something may be unclear, please send us a message.
Our customer service responds within 24 hours, 24/7.

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